whoa has anyone told u that you look like Lorde?

no omg thank u ily

about the dubbed thing it was in hungarian haha

oh for real fun fact my grandpa speaks Hungarian

Ready 4 some water related fun


have you ever seen a post that made physically cringe..?

hahaha i m going to vomit
explaining ouat to people is honestly like the worst thing on earth. my mom was trying to explain it to my grandma today and i had to leave the room like it was so bad and my poor grandma was just so confused oh god

it’s literally impossible to do bc you can’t say anything other than season ones plot line without spoiling shit and nothing about it doesn’t sound fkn stupid I am in pain

yo what's ouat??

omg ok the entire premise of the show is stupid but it’s rly good so bare with me basically it’s about this town that is filled with like storybook characters and they’ve been cursed to our world by the evil queen and they’ve just been in this small town in Maine for 28 years and the only person who can break the curse is Snow White and prince charmings daughter who doesn’t know she is their daughter and was basically just a kid raised in the foster system and had a really shitty life and when she was 18 she had a baby and the evil queen adopted the baby not knowing it was her kid and then the kid shows up at her house like ur my mom and tells her about the curse and she’s like pls no ur insane ((the kid is the only one that knows about the curse)) so she drives him home and the evil queen is a bitch to her so she’s like don’t trust u with my kid and she just kinda stays in town and that’s kinda the season one arch and I can’t say anything else without spoiling it but it kinda has two timelines so you have modern day Maine and then you get all the back stories from flashbacks to the enchanted forest and it’s by the same people that made lost and it sounds so stupid oh my god I am so sorry but it is good trust me there is no way to explain this show to make it sound good and it’s v complicated so it’s kinda hard to explain in general but I promise it doesn’t suck as much as I made it sound like it does

ok so i watched ouat english since the beginning cuz i dont rlly like dubbed things (ther are some exceptions of course) but now i started to become very interested in it -mostly in rumpelstilskins voice- and i watched an episode and... i just cant there isnt any difference in rumples and mr golds voice like nothing????? and the laugh is just horrible i know that its hard to imitate him but coulndt they just do something???? im srry im just rlly i dont even know

oMG bobby is the best no1 can even compare ily bobby but what language was it in bc I am v interested


XO - Fall Out Boy // for x